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Visit The Rehoboth Summer Children’s Theatre!

Looking for a fun family event during your stay at Beach View Hotel? Visit the Rehoboth Summer Children’s Theatre for a show the kids will love! The theatre’s 34th season kicks off on Tuesday, June 30 with “The Snow Queen” and continues every Tuesday and Wednesday through September 1.

Each quick-paced, funny show is performed by two actors playing all the characters! This year’s lineup includes two classics, “The Jungle Book” and “Cinderella,” as well “The Snow Queen.” This tale by Hans Christian Andersen tells of a girl who heads out to break a troll’s curse and save her best friend from the Snow Queen!

Tickets are $10 per person and admission is free for children under the age of three. Order tickets online or by calling 302-277-68766. The hour-long shows take place at 7 p.m. on Tuesdays, 11 a.m. on Wednesdays and 11 a.m. on Thursdays from August 6 to 27.

The theatre has been open since 1982, and also hosts two types of summer camps: Theatre Camp and Film & TV Camp. These week-long events take place at intervals throughout the summer, with options available for children age five to 14. To learn more about the camps click here or call The Rehoboth Summer Children’s Theatre at 215-886-9341.

For the summer show schedule, click here. Then head back to Beach View Hotel to book your summer stay!

Beach View Hotel
Beach View Hotel
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  1. Liz Neal says:

    Where is the location of the summer theater? Is parking available?

  2. Anita says:

    Holes the play was a very exciting enepriexce. While in the threater I was sucked into the story of Stanley Yelnats and his journey to Camp Green Lake. You could just see while watching the play that the actors worked well together, they were in perfect harmony. Even with how impressed I was with the play there was one thing that bothered me. That was the actor Mauricio Suarez, he was very monotone through-out the whole performance.When it came to set deisgn and props they were amazing. I felt like i was actually there with the characters in the hot desert heat digging holes. The flashbacks were my favorite part because of the lighing at the time, the way it made the dirt looking set apear to be grass. All the fights done in the play were good, but not as good as i would have hoped. When it came to were Stanley got hit by a shovel, it didnt look as well done as some of the other fight scenes. The costumes were excellent, they really gave the appearance that the boys had been out digging in the dirt, hot, and sweaty.The play was almost like the book except for a few things, like how Twitch wasnt there. Twitch was the one who taught Stanley to hotwire cars so he could steal Mr. Sir’s truck. As the play came to a close I was still stuck in my seat wanting more. When they actors came out for the discussion at the end you could tell how well they got along, like with Nick Abeel, and Mauricio Suarez, they seemed to really be good friends on and off set.Everyone from what I can tell on and off screen did a fantastic job on this showing of Holes . I would recommend to anyone I know to come see these actors perform. Great job to all the actors, directors, and all others you did a amazing job on the play. It was an enepriexce that i will never forget.

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