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Take a moment to reflect, refresh and refine

Reflection Letter from Alex Moore

We thought you would enjoy this short shared perspective from our Seaboard Hotels President, Alex Moore.

Take a moment to reflect, refresh and refine

A comment I heard most often last year was, I can’t wait until 2020 is over.  I do agree somewhat with the thought, but there were 2 sides of the dark cloud that hung over the whole world this past year. It was a surreal, crippling and deadly year. From the pandemic to political divides, to business closures and social unrest, we’ve all been tested in extreme ways.

Through reflection, I see a thin silver lining.  How impressed were we with the frontline workers that gave of their time, resources and ingenuity to care for the sick and dying. The neighbors that made masks out of just about anything. Or community businesses that feed the hungry when funds were scarce. To see the collective level of creativity of the human race through this unprecedented year put many things into perspective.

Our family became closer, found joy in unexpected places and were reminded of the importance of humility, appreciation and courage. We ate together more, we slowed-down and listened intently, and we learned how strong we really are.

Like many businesses across the globe, our company was greatly impacted with the shut-down and mandates put in place to protect us and our neighbors. We are fortunate we were able to reopen when so many other businesses closed their doors for good. We took advantage of the shut-down to revamp and refresh a number of processes and procedures across all our hotels. From staff and guest safety protocols to updating infrastructure and systems, we wanted to make the experience for our guests as normal, comfortable, and safe as possible for everyone staying with us.

The reward for the hard work is paying off. We read the positive reviews and feedback from resilient guests that have become part of our extended family. They feel safe visiting and staying at our hotels. They appreciate the dedication and effort the Seaboard Hotels staff puts in every day.

We look forward to 2021 and refining our hospitality business. We look forward to embracing guests once again. And we look forward to a return of normalcy – where your positive beach memories can be cultivated once again.

Thank you for your trust, support and encouragement.

Alex Moore President Seaboard Hotels

Alex Moore
Seaboard Hotels
Jason Mathis
Jason Mathis
Jason Mathis is general manager of two Seaboard Hospitality properties, Atlantic View Hotel in Dewey Beach, DE and Beach View Hotel in Rehoboth Beach, DE. He has been part of the Seaboard Hospitality family since 2019.