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Rehoboth Beach Vacation Packing Tips

Packing Tips for Beach Vacation

Planning a spring or summer vacation in Rehoboth Beach? Here are the tips you’ll need for stress-free packing:

Have a go-to list

If you keep a list of essentials for every trip (bathing suit, sunscreen, phone charger, medications, etc.) you’ll be less likely to forget something. You can also keep a toiletry bag filled with travel-size products at the ready.

Go easy on the gadgets

Part of the fun of a beach vacation is unplugging and being in the moment, so there’s no need to bring every device you own. Instead, load up one device (an iPad, for example, or a laptop) with all the music, books and movies you’ll need for your trip.

Pack light

Unless you’re traveling for a fashion shoot, you probably don’t need a different bathing suit for each day of your vacation, and you can wear the same sundress to more than one seafood dinner. Take out all the clothing you plan to pack—and then put half of it away. You’ll avoid overstuffed bags and checked-luggage fees, and you really won’t miss the extra stuff.

Use space savers

Compression bags and cubes will help you pack more clothes in smaller bags.

Don’t bring the kitchen sink

Avoid bringing items “just in case.” They’ll just take up space in your luggage, and you can buy just about anything you might need once you get to Rehoboth Beach. So, leave the raincoat at home and get ready for some sun!

If you’re planning on going on vacation to Rehoboth Beach this spring or summer, stay at the Beach View Hotel. Book your room today and get ready to enjoy an unforgettable experience of fun in the sun!

Beach View Hotel
Beach View Hotel
Convenience, value, amenities and stellar staff are a few reasons why guests of the Beach View Hotel return again and again. Our fantastic location offers great ocean views and easy access to all of Rehoboth Beach’s attractions and Delaware beaches. Our exceptionally clean rooms and friendly staff are enhanced with a long list of amenities. This has made the Beach View Hotel a top choice for those searching for Rehoboth Beach accommodations.