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Booking Early to Save Big

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There are many strategies for booking the best hotel room rates. Depending on what matters most to you affects your travel decision making. By the time you finish reading this post, you’ll see why we suggest booking early to save big.

Less Stress

Perhaps you’ve been there. It’s nearly summer and you still haven’t booked your vacation yet. Your heart pounds and your stress level is on the rise. This leaves you with whatever might be left over at the hotel you want to book. Or worse yet, your favorite hotel being completely booked because it is the high season. You can save money and make life less stressful by reserving early. Which is a win-win all around. Because what good is a vacation if your health suffers from just trying to plan it.

Stay Connected

Once you know the time frame you want to travel, do a little research. Check rewards programs, social posts and websites. And sign up for that hotel’s enewsletters so you can stay in the know for events and discounts. For example, with Beach View Hotel, even though they close for the winter, they are already taking 2020 reservations because it is such a popular, convenient, in-town Rehoboth Beach accommodation. And since you are starting your vacation planning early (right!) you have a little extra time for due diligence.

Time is Money

By taking the time to book early, you will have better options for your favorite hotel, most likely at a decent rate. From which room you might like to have (lower floor maybe because the kids or in-laws will be with you or the highest floor because you like certain views) to which time of year is most convenient for you to travel. Also, when you book early, you allow yourself time to double check all the details so you can make sure you get exactly what you are expecting.

The Extras

From spa visits to events and festivals, many customers book in advance around package deals and favorite highlights happening in destination towns. And when you book your hotel accommodations early, you’ll have the best pick of dates and times for food tours, entertainment and much more. You’ll often have your pick from various pricing options too.

The pros can add up when you are planning a vacation. Not only monetarily, but also stress level wise as well. This is why we suggest booking early to save big all around.

Beach View Hotel
Beach View Hotel
Convenience, value, amenities and stellar staff are a few reasons why guests of the Beach View Hotel return again and again. Our fantastic location offers great ocean views and easy access to all of Rehoboth Beach’s attractions and Delaware beaches. Our exceptionally clean rooms and friendly staff are enhanced with a long list of amenities. This has made the Beach View Hotel a top choice for those searching for Rehoboth Beach accommodations.